Gift for Us Guys

Gift for Us Guys

I’m hard to shop for, I’m happy to admit. Anything I want, I’d rather buy for myself rather than risk asking someone else who might not get it quite right.

I can’t be the only guy who is hard to buy for, I’m sure to be among friends. So, on behalf of us all, sorry to all our loved ones who we make it impossibly hard for, every time a special occasion comes around.

But things are on the up, because Etsy recently put together a really cool gift guide for men. And here’s the thing, not only am I now eyeing up several items I would be more than happy to open on a special occasion (ahem, Valentine’s Day is coming up!), but my shop is also featured! How brilliant is that?! Here’s the post if you fancy a look.

So, there you have it, Kingsley Leather, making gifts for (awkward) guys since 2013.

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