No Presents. Yeah Right!

No Presents. Yeah Right!

Gone are the days when couples wanted nothing more than an iron, a vase, a toaster and a set of towels to see them into married life. Times have changed, and most couples now are after money for the honeymoon - or to pay off some of the wedding debt.

There’s usually a lovely little poem on the wedding invite which encourages guests to pop money in a card or just turn up empty-handed (because no one wants a houseful of tat bought by other people). But in reality, for many, giving money just doesn’t sit right for various reasons and neither does turning up empty handed.

Now, I might not be able to help much with the Bride, but as for the Groom, I’ve got the perfect gift which is personal, stylish and special.

So, whether you’re a guest, the best man, a groomsman, parents of the groom or even the lucky other half, my personalised cufflinks make the perfect gift. They are real leather, hand punched and set in a quality cast pewter setting. You can have them plain or choose two initials to make it extra special.

Now that’s sorted, onto the next job…

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