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  • Man receiving a Kingsley Leather item as a gift

    3 Tips For Buying Gifts For Guys

    We all know that guys can be hard to buy for right? Here are 3 tips that will help you smash it out of the park.



    The golden rule of gifting is to make sure that what you are buying is actually going to be put to use. This is part of the reason that experiences can make great gifts. A wallet or cardholder is as about as usefull as a gift can get. It's something that he'll carry and used every day.

  • No Presents. Yeah Right!

    No Presents. Yeah Right!

    Gone are the days when couples wanted nothing more than an iron, a vase, a toaster and a set of towels to see them into married life. Times have changed, and most couples now are after money for the honeymoon - or to pay off some of the wedding debt.

  • Gift for Us Guys

    Gift for Us Guys

    I’m hard to shop for, I’m happy to admit. Anything I want, I’d rather buy for myself rather than risk asking someone else who might not get it quite right.

  • Curating A Local Christmas

    Curating A Local Christmas

    I send A LOT of my items to America, but there are few things more special to me than receiving orders from people who live right here in Gloucestershire. So, with that in mind, it got me thinking about other local businesses: crafts people, those with an eye for good things, and just the down-right talented. Who will I be purchasing from this year? I’m not sure yet, I’m one of those un-organised types that tends to do all my shopping at the last minute. But, I do want to share with you a few businesses and people whose items, businesses and talents have caught my eye lately and piqued my interest.
  • Back To School

    Back To School

    The Summer holidays are here. Days filled with sunshine, trips to the seaside, bed-times relaxed, precious memories made and ice creams consumed. New school uniforms will be snapped up, pencils sharpened, pens tested with scribbles here and there, feet measured up and crisp new diaries bought.