His Day Wedding Festival: Because it's His Day too!

His Day Wedding Festival: Because it's His Day too!

Psst... I'll let you in on a secret, sometimes grooms like to be involved in planning a wedding too. 

Wedding fairs are typically geared towards the bride, whilst grooms (in hetero and same-sex couples!) are forgotten about. His Day are changing that, it's His Day too!

A Wedding Festival? His Day are aiming to provide a less stuffy, less salesy and more relaxed experience for grooms, hence 'festival'. 

The inaugural His Day festival, will take place on the Saturday 25th March 11am - 3pm at Duston Mill Wedding & Events Venue, Upton Way, Northampton NN5 5FP. 

I'm super pleased to also announce that Kingsley Leather is one of the businesses that are sponsoring the festival.

For more information and to reserve your spot: https://www.hisday.co.uk/the-fairs

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