Curating A Local Christmas

Curating A Local Christmas

I send A LOT of my items to America, but there are few things more special to me than receiving orders from people who live right here in Gloucestershire. So, with that in mind, it got me thinking about other local businesses: crafts people, those with an eye for good things, and just the down-right talented. Who will I be purchasing from this year? I’m not sure yet, I’m one of those un-organised types that tends to do all my shopping at the last minute. But, I do want to share with you a few businesses and people whose items, businesses and talents have caught my eye lately and piqued my interest.

Let me start with Toby, who is ever such a talented (and young) guy. We’ve collaborated on a few items in the past, and our home is full of his things. He creates pieces with sustainably sourced and recycled materials but it’s his spoons, scoops and boards that would make great Christmas pressies for anyone who likes to cook – or eat! Check Toby out here.

Charlotte from The Aroid Attic is a self—professed plant geek and collector and she sells her beautiful exotic houseplants just round the corner from us at the all new Botanica Coffee and Kitchen in The Bramery Trading Estate. Each plant is named and comes with information on how to look after it (which is very much needed if you’re anything like me). These plants are certainly beautiful and would make great gifts. You can find the online shop for The Aroid Attic here.

Flora who set up Violet & Percy, an online shop, has an eye for good things. She only stocks things she loves herself and there’s a whole host of gifts in her shop suitable for all the family, ranging from scented candles, prints for the home, cookbooks, mugs, notebooks and sweatshirts. I know my wife has her eye on a few things and has been hinting - regularly! Take a look at Flora’s shop here.

I came across Field Fresh Skincare at an Etsy Made Local Christmas Fair last year and I bought the Marshmallow Dream Cream (a night cream) for my wife. I’m not afraid to admit that I tried it out on a couple of occasions and it was good! My wife swore by it, finally a cream that made her dry skin feel nourished. These products are special because they are all-natural, local ingredients and come as a kit which you blend yourself. It only takes 10 minutes to make and the range includes face creams, body creams, hand and foot creams, lip balms and healing balms. The kits can all be found here.

Piece by Jackson has been popping up on my Instagram recently and Amy’s copper and tile homewares have really caught my eye. Amy makes plant stands, candlestick holders, and little tables (call them what you like: side tables, coffee tables, bedside tables). Her designs are fabulous as a treat to yourself, but it’s the candlestick holders that would make great gifts. You can find Amy on Etsy here.

Happy browsing. Happy shopping. Happy gifting and Happy Christmas!

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