Keyrings and Mighty Fine Jaguars

Keyrings and Mighty Fine Jaguars

Recently I worked with the team at Eagle, who build and restore Jaguar E-types, to craft a set of keyrings and coasters with their branding on.

Now, I don’t know the ins and outs, but I am guessing they will be gifting those keyrings to people who purchase one of their Jaguars. What better product to give than a keyring alongside a mighty fine car?! As for the coasters, I’m sure they would be best placed sat under a glass of bubbly, when said purchase takes place!

I have worked with a number of companies to produce branded items; keyrings are definitely my most popular, but I’ve also made bespoke items like wrist-watch cases, a comb and scissor pouch for a hairdressing salon and desk pads for an office.

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